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What is the exact service on offer

U Metrics offers research, monitoring and evaluation data collection, analysis and reporting services, including Dashboards to access, show off and download your data and graphics.

What is a Dashboard

It is platform space for you as a client to login and access your data, query it and download or embed the content or pages you want in your online resources or to download graphics off your content.

Where is the data gathered and kept

We can gather and keep your data within the platform so you get well visualised reports and a dashboard, or you can host your data i good cvs, sheets, app and we can automatically link to the data and show it off here in the dashboard..

Can i have my own Dashboard Platform

This is SaaS (software as a service) platform, but we can also design you a custom platform at a very friendly fee.

Useful data

Get tips & tricks on how to best Visualise data

Gather, document and analyse all kinds of data and show the data off in beautiful functional visualisations.

  • Website traffic
  • Project results
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Surveys
  • National research statistics
  • Usage data
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